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Model G700-MA
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80 PLUS Gold certified with peak 93% efficiency.

13.9cm fan with thermal programmed speed controller providing silent cooling performance.

Active PFC universal switching circuit improves Power Factor value up to 0.99, reducing AC line reactive power loss to minimum level and automatically adopting AC voltage from 100~240V.

8P PCI-E connector supplied supporting extreme graphic cards.

Protected by Over Power, Over Voltage, Over Current, Short-Circuit, and Brown Out protections circuits.

CPU 12V connector rail with ﹥18A output to support next generation ﹥6 cores processor structure.

Extending CPU connector cable to 60cm facilitates installation with bottom-mounted-PSU chassis.

SATA power connector with 3.3V rail to support new generation SSD.

Modular design for easy cable management and flexible system upgrade support

Model Number: G700-MA
AC Input Voltage 100 - 240VAC 50 - 60Hz
AC Input Current 9 - 4A
DC Output +3.3V 24A 120W
+5V 24A
12V1 25A 696W (58A)
12V2 25A
12V3 25A
12V4 - -
-12V 0.5A 6W
+5Vsb 3.0A 15W
Total Power 700W

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PCWizKid Recommended

The LEPA G700 is the first power supply from Enermax that PCWizKid has reviewed, and has made a great impression with the LEPA 80Plus Gold PSU. The overall build quality of the LEPA G700 is very good, the load and DC output testing results for the G700 was also good and lived upto expectations.
Hardware Secrets Golden Award

The LEPA G700-MA is a terrific power supply, with outstanding efficiency above 90% if you pull between 40% and 60% of the unit’s labeled power (i.e., between 280 W and 420 W), good voltage regulation, and very low noise and ripple levels. And we could pull up to 980 W from it with 83% efficiency, which is simply amazing.


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